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New Year Campaign


The most important aspect of the work of the Company is the packing and presentation/delivery of New Year presents. The Company began the business of pre-packing and sale of New Year presents from 1998.

The Client base consists of  more than 2500 enterprises and companies including state and municipal bodies, executive, legislative and judicial powers, large production and industrial companies, large sale firms etc. included. All the goods are certified.


Siberian Confectionery Company prepares New Year presents for children of any choice, at any age. There are various types of packing - namely carton, tinned packages, cuddly toys, combined packing. The best combination of the form and the content, price and quantity can be selected.

In 2006 the Company received the prized Grand-Star of Russia at the Russian national contest конкурса for the best packing. The nomination for "The Packing for Foodstaffs" in Moscow, 2006.  In 2007 the Congress Prize from the world-wide packing organization (WPO) "For the best New Year Packing" May, 2007, Chicago.

We use only confectioneries made by the leading manufacturers of confectioneries who are leaders in the top-list of confectioneries sales according to the results of Companies working in 2009.


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