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Advertising newspaper

From 1999 the Company publishes a weekly analytical magazine «Business Goods», currently the fullest periodical advertising-statistics publishing of Krasnoyarsk, devoted to the food-staff market. Target audience of the magazine is retail sales outlets where it is brought by trade representatives of our Company.

One of the latest anti-crises measures undertaken by our Company was the edition of a monthly advertising-informative bulletin, the enclosure for the advertising – analytical weekly paper «Business-goods».
The publishing target – to increase the sales volume of certain goods and manufacturers within the promotion period and special offers.

The Bulletin content:
Sales promotions, discounts and presents;
the price cut for all the assortment of the manufacturer;
«the visit card» of the manufacturer (the story about the enterprise, its history, technical innovations, output goods);latest offers, including brief description;
The rating of the most sold goods of our Company in each of the assortment categories.

The target audience of the publishing is trade representatives and merchandisers of all active sales outlets in Krasnoyarsk and Krasnoyarsk region, who our trade representatives are working with.

The frequency is on monthly basis. The circulation is 3000 copies. The time of the appearance is the first Monday of the month. The size is 16 - 20 pages.

The deadline to apply for the participation is the 20th date of the previous month.

For timely accommodation of your information in the bulletin we request you to notice
of your participation our Project coordinator beforehand, Bogdanova Alla:
e-mail: BogdanovaA@sibkon.ru ,
(391) 265-78-18, 201-54-63,
ICQ: 583-591-330.

Prices for the accommodation of the advertising information (since March, 10 of 2009)





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