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Portugal and offee Maccona

In August of 2009
the Regional Department Head of our Company Vladimir Victorovich Rapota visited Portugal as the sales promotion of the coffee manufacturers Maccona.
The ideal climate allowed Portugal to become one of the largest coffee manufacturers. During the reign of Portugal in Brazil it became the mediatress between the colony-manufacturer and consumers, economical centers of Europe.
Portuguese buy nearly all the imported coffee in Angola and at the Cape Verde Islands, where they had been keeping the power up to 1975.

The zest for life during the communication with the Portuguese appears as in the case with a cup of coffee Maccona. Music and coffee always bring people together.

The victory in the promotion Joined Confectioners

The monopolistic concern Joined Confectioners conducted a campaign in spring of 2009 in 7 distributor centers of our country. This campaign lasted from March, 1 to March, 31.

Teams of trade commissioners were formed in regions, which worked with the food-staff of Joined Confectioners; their task was to increase the number of sales outlets to maximum.
Our Company became an active participant of this event.
The challenges of the held campaign were met best by trade representatives of Achinsk city.

Following the results of the campaign the representative of Achinsk trade team, Galina Vasilyeva, was rewarded with the trip to Moscow to the confectionery plant Rot Front and the trip to Sochi.

The confectionery plant Rot Front is one of the largest manufacturers and leaders of the Russian market, its annual output is more than 50 thousand tons of sweet food-staff. Galina Vasilyeva could personally assure herself of the fact that the combination of the newest technologies with longstanding production traditions of high-quality food-staff let Rot Front to be the leader.

Galinas visit to Sochi began from the merchandising master-class for supermarkets in Sochi. . The winners of the promotional event of Joined Confectioners shared their experience with local entrepreneurs.


From June, 15 to 19 of 2009 there was the 14th annual International trade show in Moscow. Modern tendencies of the packing market were represented there. The employees of Siberian Confectionery Company took part in it.

The participation in the exhibition Rosupack is the possibility for us to establish new business contacts; to enhance current partnership; to expand the clients base of our Company; to conclude profitable contracts for the delivery of packing, materials, packing equipment and warehouse equipment; to get a new information about the state of Russian and global packing market and the development tendencies of this field worldwide.
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